About Glean Waste

TxFlagSmallGlean Waste is a professional, reliable, well experienced team that understands trash & recycling, resident desires & values, as well as appropriate market rates. We are excited to bring our many years of waste stream experience to your communities’ doorstep!

Glean Waste was founded with one thought in mind  ” Provide a hotel like amenity, that’s affordable and lends a “wow” factor to our clients current and future residents to win you a constant higher occupancy rate and a new stream of revenue.

Glean Waste is a community based, locally owned valet waste service that specializes in the communities it serves – we know our communities, we know our neighbors, we know our business and most of all, we understand the market.  We are home grown!  Unlike the majority of valet trash companies that extend their services in your apartment communities, that are based in states other than Texas and your community, we are home grown &  local.  We are well versed on the city and government mandates, city ordinances and restrictions and we are a part of the community and can respond as such.  We hire our talent from the community, thereby contributing to the growth and financial stability of our own state, cities and neighborhoods and we provide personal touch services that only a company can provide that truly know and understand your needs, the competition, market trends that affect your occupancy and retention rate and contribute to the overall residential satisfaction needed to stay competitive.  We work closely with each of our accounts to understand specific goals and how we can contribute to meeting those goals.  We also offer turn key trash pickup services, meaning anything that relates to cleanliness of the property, we provide the services or resources to take care of it.

Glean Waste offers both doorstep collection as well as curbside collection to multifamily housing units. Service collection is tailored to each client’s unique needs. Our standard valet collection services ranges from 3 day to 5 day per week collection services (including weekends), as well as morning and evening service times. Additionally, we also provide customized pick up times to meet the specific needs of the property.

FACT:*Industry standard – 62% of all high-end apartment homes, offer valet trash service. It has become an expected amenity.