Management Value

The Value of Valet Trash Pickup


FACT:  No one likes to take the trash out – teens nor adults!

An amenity for your residents that has equal benefit to you as well!

Valet trash service has as many benefits to property management /owners as it does to residents. Full service trash removal has been recently surveyed as being the amenity most sought after by residents, as well as on-site maintenance staff. 

Two main elements that prospective resident seekers look for include curbside appeal and cleanliness! Unsecured trash can ruin your image.   With Glean Waste doorstep collection, you’ll gain value in…

  • Curbside Appeal– It’s a known fact that when lookers come on to a property, one of the things that they look at is how well the property is kept up and your property is often evaluated and rated based on the behavior of the residents and their trash habits!  Although no one likes taking the trash out, but want it gone and the negative elements that it carries, its tough to get residents and management on the same page about the necessity to manage it. Unfortunately, residents will carry a leaking trash bag through your breezeways and sidewalks, all the way to the dumpster area, leaving a noticeable trail and often dump it where its most convenient for them. The costs to the property is substantial in terms of turning away new and potential residents, retention and a host of other problems resulting from it. Proper maintenance is crucial to resident satisfaction. It’s one of the deciding factors if residents will re-sign with their current community. Glean Waste full service trash removal offers management of this crucial element, while providing convenience, cleanliness along with friendly service that residents love! You will rest assured, knowing how well maintained your waste services are handled.
  • Property value- Higher retention and attraction of new residents will help to maintain and increase the value of your property in addition to adding a  Supplement your net operating income by adding a new revenue stream.   We make it affordable and we are effective.


Tenants choose not to be homeowners for a reason, don’t give them the responsibility of one and allow them the full benefit of no hassle living – you will keep them longer!